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4-Sam Visser
Dazed 100

Sam Visser traces the story behind 6 of his essential makeup looks

The Dior and Hadid-approved makeup artist shares his creative inspirations, from Blade Runner and architecture to old Hollywood glamour

A makeup prodigy whose career milestones have fast outrun his age, by age 16, Visser was already doing Kris Jenner’s make-up five days a week. Earlier this year he joined Dior as the brand’s new beauty ambassador, and he has a tight circle of supermodel friends – from Bella Hadid to Kaia Gerber – who count him as their go-to make-up artist.

Visser joins 2021’s vibrant Dazed 100 – a part of Open To Change, a larger platform from Dazed and Converse aiming to provide a platform to underrepresented creatives. It’s all about spotlighting the cultural changemakers breaking new ground across the globe, platforming ideas that will enact radical change, and looking at what’s next for the creative industries too.

As part of the programme this year, five of the Dazed 100 cohort will explore their field, their practice, and their hopes for the future in their own article for Dazed. From open source digital archive and curatorial platform Habibi Collective to the groundbreaking South African magazine and agency Bubblegum Club. This iteration sees makeup artist Sam Visser trace the inspirations behind some of his latest makeup looks.

If he were to win the Converse x Dazed 100 grant, he’d use the money to help take his already established foray into film to the next level – while channeling the proceeds to a vital cause too. “I’d make a film about a Hollywood makeup artist and his muse,” he says. “With proceeds donated to an organisation for trans youth.”

You can explore the full 2021 Dazed 100, in partnership with Converse, and cast your vote now – and stay tuned for the winners announcement. Below, explore Visser’s biggest creative inspirations and visual references, from Blade Runner to true Hollywood glam.