Lagos, Nigeria
We’d build a creative hub for the community in Lagos, giving artists from various disciplines access to a free space

As a new generation of Africans come of age in the new millennium, they are liberating Africa from the bondage of censorship and conservatism imposed first by colonial powers, then authoritarian regimes. Breaking through the systems of neocolonialism that impose Western cultural hegemony, capitalism, and globalization, young Africans are speaking truth to power and reclaiming their rightful place at the forefront of music, style, art, innovation, and activism.

The NATIVE Mag, established in Lagos, Nigeria in 2016, champions the bold and beautiful brigade of established artists including Wizkid, Mowalola, Burna Boy, and Damson Idris, alongside emerging artists such as Odunsi The Engine, J Hus, and Dave who are pushing boundaries and reshaping the face of popular culture.

Published four times annually, each issue centres around a unique theme. NATIVE offers a bridge between locals and the diaspora, providing a dialogue between the underground and the mainstream through a vibrant mix of in-depth interviews, investigative reportage, and photography portfolios. Available at leading shops, galleries, and museums in Lagos, London, Paris, New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, Native stands at the forefront of Africa’s cultural renaissance. 

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