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TikTok vs Donald Trump
Via TikTok @unusualbeing

Teens on TikTok have officially declared war with Donald Trump

Users are continuing to galvanise after the president threatened to ban the video sharing platform, this time organising to leave negative reviews on his re-election campaign app

Teens on TikTok are at it again. Continuing their feud with Donald Trump, users on the video sharing platform have flocked to the App Store to flood the president’s campaign app with negative reviews.

At the time of writing, the Official Trump 2020 App currently has a 1.2 star rating, with reviews accusing the app of being racist, ruining users’ lives, and giving people “rona”. Complete with emojis, the reviews are witty, intelligent, and – TBH – accurate.

One review reads: “I wish I could say I was kidding when I say that this app literally made my life 10x worse. And that’s saying something considering my brother just died and my house just burned down.”

Another says: “I downloaded this app so I could see what the supreme leader of the Oompa Loompa Cheeto cult was up to. But it automatically glitched and sent me into another dimension where the Cheeto man and his followers were playing golf and riding unicorns while wearing white hoods and screaming in pig Latin.”

Users are hoping to push the app’s rating low enough to force Apple to remove it from the App Store. Although this won’t happen – Apple doesn’t delete apps based on their popularity – the abominable rating will certainly piss the president off.

This latest action comes just days after Trump said the government is considering banning TikTok, among other Chinese social media apps, due to “security concerns”. One review directly addresses this: “Just take back what you said you were gonna do to TikTok because you’re taking away one of the most used apps to freely express yourself in America. It’s almost like you’re trying to take our rights away because you don’t like how much power it’s giving the youth to communicate and spread a message.”

Although hacktivist collective Anonymous has urged users to delete the app, accusing it of being “malware operated by the Chinese government running a massive spying operation”, it’s likely Trump’s beef stems primarily from the fact that the app’s users keep galvanising to troll him.

Last month, K-pop stans and TikTok teens ruined Trump’s first campaign rally in months, signing up for tickets to the event with no intention of turning up. The president’s team gloated that one million people had signed up, only to be faced with 6,000 attendees on the day. Social media users are hoping to replicate the success of this method with his New Hampshire rally this weekend (July 11).

TikTok users took action again in June, organising to mass report Trump’s Twitter and Instagram accounts in an attempt to get him blocked from the platforms.

The war is very much on – watch this space to see what happens next.