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Teens on TikTok are trolling Trump again
Via TikTok @caprhicorn

K-pop stans and teens on TikTok are trolling Trump again

Users on the video sharing app are planning to mass report the president’s Twitter and Instagram accounts in an attempt to get him blocked from the platforms

First they emptied out his Tulsa re-election campaign rally, and now teens on TikTok are coming for Donald Trump’s social media accounts. Users on the video sharing app are planning to mass report – where multiple people report at once – the president’s Twitter and Instagram accounts tomorrow (June 27) in an attempt to get him blocked from the platforms.

It all started with a video by TikTok user @caprhicorn, who shared a video urging others to join her in reporting Trump. “So we successfully sunk Donald’s little rally,” she wrote in a video, “so I have an idea on how to use our numbers again. How about on June 27, we mass report Donald’s social media accounts at 4PM?”

“It’ll send a message that we’re fed up on his public verified vent account, and it’ll sting him that he got duped by Gen Z again. Do your thing and blow this up.” @caprhicorn’s post currently has over 450,000 likes and more than one million views.

Word of the planned action has also spread to Twitter, where users are trying to get K-pop stans on board. K-pop fans have been central to recent online activism, using their huge social media reach to spam a police app, which encouraged others to snitch on Black Lives Matter protesters, with fancams – videos and memes of K-pop artists – and raising $1 million for organisations fighting for racial equality.

In a follow-up video, @caprhicorn expanded on tomorrow’s strategy. She wrote: “For those asking what to report for: on Instagram, report for hate speech and violent organisations since his administration is that, and for Twitter, report for abusive and hateful content, as well as not being interested in the account.

Trump has previously had his tweets censored by Twitter, recently having an anti-BLM protest post flagged for “glorifying violence”. The offending tweet referenced looting during the demonstrations, and said: “When the looting starts, the shooting starts.” Just last week, the president had one of his tweets, which featured a doctored video, marked as “manipulated media”.

Tomorrow’s action isn’t the first time Gen Z has raged war with Trump. Last weekend (June 20), the president was met with just over 6,000 people at his first rally in months, despite his team estimating that one million supporters had registered for tickets. The pathetic turnout was, in part, down to TikTok users and K-pop stans reserving tickets despite having no intention of turning up.

Although mass reporting has been used to block social media accounts in the past, it’s currently unclear how this will work against the president of the United States. I suppose we’ll have to wait until 4PM tomorrow to find out.