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Greta Thunberg
Via Instagram (@gretathunberg)

Donald Trump whines at Greta Thunberg: ‘chill Greta, chill!’

The president of the United States suggested the climate activist and TIME person of the year watches a movie and works on her anger issues

In a move that surprises absolutely no-one, Donald Trump is still hurling insults at Greta Thunberg. Trump tweeted that it’s “so ridiculous” that Thunberg was named TIME’s Person of the Year on Thursday, because apparently having a megalomaniac wotsit-turned-business mogul as president isn’t.

Trump wrote on Twitter: “Greta must work on her Anger Management problem, then go to a good old fashioned movie with a friend. Chill Greta, Chill!” Yes, Donald. Why don’t we solve the impending ecocalypse and environmental disaster with a good old-fashioned movie, followed by a bubble bath and a sleepover, right?

Of course, our young eco-queen had no problem handling Trump’s tantrum herself and responded by changing her Twitter bio to: “A teenager working on her anger management problem. Currently chilling and watching a good old fashioned movie with a friend.” Absolute legend.

Trump’s comments are made all the more ironic when you consider Melania Trump’s initiative as first lady is the anti-bullying campaign “Be Best”, which states: “Mrs Trump believes that children should be both seen and heard, and it is our responsibility as adults to educate and reinforce to them that when they are using their voices – whether verbally or online – they must choose their words wisely and speak with respect and compassion.” Apparently, this doesn’t apply to Thunberg, a 16-year-old minor.

Earlier this year, Trump mocked the activist on her speech at the UN climate action summit, saying: “She seems like a very happy young girl looking forward to a bright and wonderful future. So nice to see!” But Thunberg clapped back, temporarily adapting her Twitter bio to include Trump’s comments.

During her UN address, the 16-year-old condemned world leaders for their “empty words” which threaten to undermine the growing climate crisis. “We are in the beginning of a mass extinction and all you can talk about is money and fairytales of eternal economic growth,” she told the audience. “How dare you.”