NRA trolls share fake photo of Emma Gonzalez ripping the constitution

It’s just so obviously photoshopped

Nothing says “I have too much time on my hands” like photoshopping an image in order to smear the name of a school shooting survivor. However, that is exactly what a Twitter user, who has now been suspended, did to the courageous teen activist Emma Gonzalez.

The 18-year-old survivor of the Parkland shooting has been battling with legislators (including a Republican candidate who thought it was appropriate to call her a “skinhead lesbian” and “bald-faced liar”) and trolls since the massacre. On Saturday she held a striking moment of silence for her fellow students that were killed.

Gun enthusiasts then began to circulate posts on Facebook and Twitter criticising the march for including someone who had ripped up the constitution on camera. One woman who goes by Linda NRA Supporter tweeted: “Proudly shredding The Constitution. Horrifying to every educated American.”

But this photo is clearly a shoddy manipulation. It appears to have been taken from Gonzalez’s Teen Vogue spread, where she is actually ripping up a target practice sheet. A professor of government called Don Moynihan demanded that Twitter expose the identity of the user who originally uploaded the image after tracing it to an account he suspects is a Russian bot.

Another user posted a gif version of the teen ripping up the constitution with only “We the People” visible at the top. The caption reads “#Vorwärts”, seemingly a reference to the Hitler Youth. The gif, as can be seen below, is clearly doctored too, in yet another attempt to discredit the brave teens fighting for gun control in the US. 

We were at the march on Saturday to witness the day teenagers changed America – read more about it here.