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Matjaž Tančič's 3D Mimicry

The Slovenian photographer manipulates 3D effects for his new fashion focused exhibition at the Richard Young Gallery

Shot across seven different locations across London and Slovenia, 3D artist Matjaž Tančič presents his new exhibition at the Richard Young Gallery this Spring. Entitled 'Mimicry', the fashion photography show will be a juxtaposition of varying scenery with striking front subjects in focus. The large-scale visually breath-taking pieces by the Slovenian artist are made with 3D technology in concrete 'urban jungles' with eye-catching effects, launching at the London gallery dedicated to young photographers.

Dazed Digital: What do you think are the benefits of 3D shots compared to 2D in terms of fashion imagery?
Matjaž Tančič:
 I'd love to say it adds another dimension. Well it clearly does, but that doesn't mean that you will see more in the image. It's a different way of thinking when you are taking photographs, a different technique and way of looking at the photographs once printed. In the end the viewer is still the one that decides if he likes the 3D effect or he prefers the usual 2D. Since this 3D technology is very new and is currently fresh and interesting, most people would rather pick up and flick through a 3D fashion magazine than one that is in normal 2D.

DD: What was the most interesting part of the process in the shoot for you?
Matjaž Tančič: Well the most interesting part was scouting for the perfect location. I planned to shoot half of the project in London and half in Slovenia where I come from. So in Slovenia for example, I drove about 500km all around the country to find what I was looking for. Also the process of learning the 3D technique and finding the suitable stylings was pretty intense and fun

DD: What were the factors behind picking the backgrounds that you used?
Matjaž Tančič: 
One of the most important factors was definitely that the backgrounds must look great in the 3D technique. The background needs to have enough depth, but not too much, as this would start to hurt your eyes! Firstly I picked eight natural locations in Slovenia and then I tried to find more locations in London that would be a sympathetic urban suggestion of the original location in nature. For example, I shot a girl between tree trunks in the forest and a girl between the concrete columns under a bridge.

DD: What is the relevance of the title 'Mimicry'? Do you think 'mimicry' is an ongoing theme in fashion photography?
Matjaž Tančič: To quote a sentence from the exhibition - Photographs are a personal reflection, the models and the concepts both represent myself: from living harmoniously with nature to taking on the aggressive game of the urban jungle. Through the photographs the models become both connections and interpreters of the differences between the two surroundings. I think fashion is the statement and most of the time you want to be unique and different and you don't want to blend in with the crowd or your surroundings.

DD: What's next for you? What other projects are you working on?
Matjaž Tančič: Well I just finished shooting for the best Slovenian fashion magazine called Modna, which we did completely in 3D. And now after a vacation in Colombia and Brazil I would like to work more on the new concept 3D website. On the website, you can choose one of the given locations, models, styling and poses of the models and the website generates you a 3D image of the selected combination. It is pretty fun.

16th March to 23rd April 2011 - Richard Young Gallery, 4 Holland Street, London W8 4LT

Mimicry - 3D anaglyph version from peterg on Vimeo.