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Photographer Nicolai Levin On the Wild Side

Introducing a hard-partying prodigious fifteen-year-old photographer with a keen eye for wild times

When Dazed Digital went to the Trailerpark Festival in Denmark last month, we were amazed to find a snap-happy fifteen-year-old kid shooting the hard-partying crowd. When he hit us up last week with a few of his shots from the festival, we thought we would ask the prodigious young talent what makes him want to capture the world through the eye of his lens.

Dazed Digital: What attracts you to the medium of photography?
Nicolai Levin:
 Well, when I where thirteen years old I started thinking about what would be the perfect job for me. The really important thing was not having the same routine every day. I wanted to explore, and photography was the thing that popped up in my head. I talked to my big brother Frej about it and he got me in touch with a very talented photographer named Jason. I don’t think I would have been the way I am as a photographer today without both of them.

DD: What do you try and capture?
Nicolai Levin:
 I always want to try new things. Sometimes I will start exploring a special thing for a long time, but then I get attracted to something else – you could almost say that I am all about starting new chapters all the time. I’m sure it's not going to be long before I get into something new.

DD: Do you think photography captures the truth of a situation?
Nicolai Levin: 
I think photography can capture anything you want it to capture, but I think it captures the truth about the photographer.

DD: Which photographers do you most admire?
Nicolai Levin:
 My favourite photographer is Helmut Newton. He has inspired me since I went too see his museum in Berlin with my aunt Ulla. In my opinion Helmut got the coolest photographs ever made. I can’t really explain why but he’s also the photographer I would like to be, and that’s why I’ve made myself a goal with my photography: I want to be as good as Helmut Newton

DD: Are people often surprised to find out you are so young?
Nicolai Levin:
 Yeah, everyone always thinks I’m a lot older but I think its because I feel very comfortable in older groups of people. I felt very at home among adults at the Trailerpark Festival. Because every one was so lovely. I love people.

DD: Does it ever hinder you being so young?
Nicolai Levin:
 No not at all. I think that people takes me more seriously because they can see that I’m already really into being a photographer in such a young age and that I really wants this. My ultimate ambition is to be bigger than Helmut Newton.

DD: We hear you are in a band too, what is your music all about?
Nicolai Levin:
 My band’s name is Nowhere Near Enough. I’m the frontman and keyboard player. I’m also the one who writes all the lyrics. We are all around the fifteen years old and play a mix of different genres. Im very into indie, especially Danish indie – my favourite band are Moi Caprice. But there are also other types in the band, and one of them loves Metallica. That’s why I love playing in the band, because we don’t wanna sound like someone from some special genre – we wanna take the best of everything.