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Zeb Fab

Photographer Zeb Daemen's childhood dreams of Disney animation turned into a fascination with the camera.

Dreaming of becoming a Disney animator, Antwerp-based Zeb Daemen’s fascination for drawing changed when he was just six years old and started to play around with his parent’s camera. After graduating in graphic design, he found that people were more interested in his photography portfolio than his drawings, and so for the last four years he has been carving out a portfolio of pure, simple and clear images inspired by all the magical movies he used to dream about drawing one day.

Dazed Digital: How did you become interested in fashion photography?
Zeb Daemen: I got involved with students from the Antwerp Fashion Academy and would photograph their designs. In 2007 graduated designers Demna Gvasalia and Helena Lumelsky asked me to photograph their collection 'Stereotypes'. I noticed then how much clothes could make a picture more interesting.

DD: You collaborate with a lot of of the Antwerp designers, tell us about it?
Zeb Daemen: I feel very lucky to be in Antwerp. We have one of the best fashion academies over here and since the scale of Antwerp is small, you get to know people quite fast. Your name gets around when you worked for one designer and that basically did well for me. It has been amazing because the collections are so unique to shoot. Overall, A nice start!

DD: Where do you seek for inspiration?
Zeb Daemen: I get inspired by the creative people around me and I have a ridiculous fashion magazine addiction. Meaning, I buy them a lot!

DD: How you describe your work?
Zeb Daemen: I think it is a mix of simplicity and a story. But I also think you cannot always describe what you do. It's fashion photography and you can go so far. It’s there to look at and it’s to entertain.

DD: Do you have a muse?
Zeb Daemen: Milan Vukmirovic and Steven Meisel.

DD: Who is your favorite designer?
Zeb Daemen: I like to wear Dries Van Noten and for photo shoots I like it when the styling is neat and futuristic. Lanvin perhaps and some Katie Eary.

DD: What are your plans for the future?
Zeb Daemen: I will definitely be working with some new magazines, which I’m excited about. And I have some big goals, but we will see, all at It's time.