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Rankin at Camera Work Gallery, Berlin
Gisele Sparkley II, 1998Photography Rankin

New show celebrates Rankin’s groundbreaking photography

The Dazed co-founder and trailblazing photographer opens a new exhibition spanning decades-old material to the present day

Iconic photographer and Dazed co-founder Rankin presents a selection from his vast catalogue at Berlin’s CWC Gallery. Recognised for his uncompromising, dynamic photography, chronicling the heady and spiky rush of the 1990s, this new Rankin exhibition hosts more than 50 of his best works from 1995 to the present day.

From fledgling beginnings with the launch of Dazed & Confused in 1991alongside Jefferson Hack, although Rankin staunchly claims he is not exclusively a celebrity photographer – even going as far to say, “I’m a portrait photographer”, in a 2015 Telegraph interview, whose headline quoted him as saying “I see the person, not the celebrity” – he has lensed everyone from David Bowie and Madonna to Tony Blair and the Queen.

But there’s truth to what he says. He was the architect of Dove’s “Real Women” campaign and was comissioned by Nike and the (RED) foundation for their Lace Up Save Lives photoshoot raising HIV/AIDS awareness – showing that he has as much a conscience as he has credentials.

The exhibition will showcase different series of Rankin’s oeuvre, all of them stunning, immediate works.

Dedicated to spotlighting new young creatives, Rankin has been behind not just Dazed, but AnOther and Hunger, the fashion and lifestyle magazine, launched in 2012.

The CWC Gallery Rankin exhibition runs until 1 April. Click here for more info