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Viviane Sassen
Viviane Sassenvia @oftheafternoon

Follow these incredible photography magazines now

Collating some of the finest photography talents onto the printed page, get to know some of the most visually exciting magazines publishing today

It’s so easy to forget about the physicality of an object when we have the convenience of online. Sure, it’s more convenient to log on to your phone than lug around a copy of a mag. Lucky photography as a format has the ability to translate online but that’s not to say you shouldn’t run out and support the indie mags valiantly pushing the printed page. As the new issue of PYLOT magazine drops – an analogue-only publication with a strict no airbrushing policy – we look at five photography publications to stock up on for some weekend reading.


The all-analogue, no-airbrushing vein that pulses through this mag means that images are thoughtful and really cherish the beauty of film in a way that is often forgotten when we feel we can simply Photoshop everything.


This self-published mag was originally created in homage to the "the spirit of experimentation and sense of community attitudes" London photographers of the late 80s and early 90s and hosts street shows and exhibitions in New York, London and Paris.


Launching last year, True Photo Journal is the brainchild of duo Peter Hughes and Gemma Jones and picks through the portfolios of both the established and yet-to-be-discovered names in photography. Their first issue featured Vinca Petersen and Charlotte Wales, and after a taste like that we are hoping that issue 2 is on its way soon...


We are such big fans of Fotografia magazine that we collaborate with them monthly to share the best stories published on their site. Incredibly diverse, all their stories have an incredible narrative that runs through them, covering everything from Johannesburg street radicals to abandoned soviet towns.


Of The Afternoon takes submissions from around the world, culminating in a rich publication that is released twice a year – and a very lovely Instagram feed.