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Hick Duarte for Under Pressure issue 3
Photography Hick Duarte for Under Pressure issue 3

Ian Connor fronts a gang of rising creatives

The new issue of this ‘mag-zine’ puts youth under the microscope in a visual journey through some of the world’s most up-and-coming photographers

In a chaotic age, what logic is there in following a formula? Our lives are fluid; we have the luxury to dip in and dip out and to exercise a freedom that allows us to write our own narratives. So why wouldn’t we want our media to follow suit? Enter Under Pressure, the self-described ‘mag-zine’ and "manifesto for creativity and expression, through arts, style, culture and people” that remixes contributions and allows the reader to navigate their own way through it.

Featuring rising photographers like London’s Winter Vandenbrink, Brazil’s Helm Silva and Kiddie Punk publisher and lens-man, DIY enthusiast Michael Salerno, issue 3 (“Divine Darkness”) also sees stylist and Instagram star Ian Connor on its cover, shot by Brazil's Hick Duarte.

Inviting Dazed's founder Jefferson Hack onboard as guest writer and collaborator, creative director and editor Romeu Silveira asked Hack to “react” to his initial layout, who in turn supplied a manifesto titled “HACK THE SYSTEM” (to be published in his forthcoming book this year). In part it reads:

"Through light, gesture, action, inaction, speculation and revelation, a new attitude, a new rebellion, a new generation is curated across the photography in these pages. They are reproduced here to be thumbed, held, stapled together, bound by forces known and unknown, for us to become witness to their stories, their faces and the inter-zones of their existence.”

The words are scattered throughout the issue like puzzle pieces and layered over images, hinting for you to collect them, leave them, or make what you will of them.

But there’s beauty in this chaos, and a lineage of some of the world’s brightest creative talents start to form once you begin, each inspired by the beauty of the adolescent.

Under Pressure’s issue 3 “Divine Darkness” is available here or get a sneak peek below: