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Instagram via @drakeoncake
via @drakeoncake

The Instagrammers giving new life to still lifes

These photographers will have you raiding your fridge and reaching for a random concoction of wayward hairballs, chewed-up bubble gum and acrylic nails

I feel like the still life might get a bad rap – particularly in photography Often falsely simplified to stock imagery and catalogue shoots – look towards iconics like Irving Penn, or any era of art history (Matisse, Picasso, anyone?) and you’ll be quick to change your mind on its impact. Recently photographers like Benjamin Huseby, David Brandon Geeting and Jenny van Sommers have been equally inspiring, but a quick scroll through Instagram is bound to set your imagination into motion and have you raiding your fridge and reaching for a random concoction of wayward hairballs, chewed-up bubble gum and acrylic nails. What you do with them is up to you, but that’s the fun of it. Always here to inspire, below are some of our favourite emerging names breathing new life into still lifes.


There is something incredibly satisfying about layering macaroni and cheese onto a compact make up mirror. At least it looks like it when photographer Aleia Murawski is doing it. The artist first came to my attention through Art Baby Gallery last year and whether creating a cacophony of orange coloured food – cheese sticks, oranges and lollipops, or a banana balancing on a multicoloured basketball, there’s something to satiate your senses here. Usually in collaboration with Alex Wallbaum, so follow him too.


Milky figs, mixed nuts and discarded fake eyelashes… Rebecca Storm specialises in the art of ASMR inspired art. Inspired by her sensory condition, synesthesia, she might look like she’s trying to gross you out but her work goes beyond that, transforming into a sensory overload that is a mix of decadent, beautiful and… oh yeah, kinda gross.


Elisa Mesner is more than a still life photographer but it’s what initially drew my eye to her. A lot of her images have a 3D quality to them. Red-painted fingers emerging from a pink (I want to say?) bath and spaghetti spilling from a seashell, Mserner’s images feel tactile and in a world where we spend our lives staring at a 2D screen, that’s welcome.


It might be my undying love for Drake or it could be my penchant for all things cake, either way, this account combines both and was basically the best thing I discovered in 2015. If you don't like Drake then hit up @alicedelicious for a girlier marriage of words and baked goods.


Dom Sebastian landed on our radar last year for his ‘re-blog ready art for the cyber generation’ which mixes graphic design with photography. Sebastian’s dreamy take on still life will see you falling down a rabbit hole of pastel colours and brand logos.