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Isaac Kariuki
JustinPhotography Isaac Kariuki

What partying is like for queer POC club kids

This photographer unpacks the nightclub space in his series Hole In The Wall

Who are the queer, POC kids inhabiting the dark, sweaty dancefloors, huddled by the sticky bar and bass-reverberating decks? Visual artist Isaac Kariuki captures the passion and energy of the queer POC clubbing scene with this series of beautiful photographs.

Kariuki’s past projects include photographing London club night Body Party, and he is also the founder of Diaspora Drama, a zine dedicated to people of colour online, displaced by a society that erases their identity and culture. In a similar vein, “the project ties into the theme of DIY spaces and rebellion,” according to Kariuki.

“The portraits replicate the sweaty and ecstatic atmosphere of underground nights dedicated to marginalised queer people of colour,” he explains. “I took portraits of queer POC nightlife kids in London wearing what they had on the last time they went out, juxtaposed with images of movement during the nights.”

Hole in the Wall is a series that illustrates the off-beat, fiercely passionate people that call these spaces home, away from the pry of a hetero, white-dominated society, with an almost utopian feel. It's poignant, at a time when spaces to dance, meet and be yourself are being picked off one-by-one. We've said goodbye to the George and Dragon, Plastic People, Madame Jojos and the Joiners Arms: we need to cherish and fight for what we have left.

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