Queer Culture

Camille Farrah Lenain’s Made Of Smokeless Fire
Art & PhotographyCamille Farrah Lenain’s portraits of LGBTQ+ people of Muslim culture
Life & CultureClub Q shooting: it’s no surprise that gay bars are under attack
Marc Valleé, Jamie and Lloyd (1998)
Art & PhotographyMarc Vallée’s hedonistic photos of 90s queer London
Life & CulturePlease, for the love of god, stop accusing people of queerbaiting
Blue Kizozo, “1 Corinthians 13:7”
Art & PhotographyThese photos are an exorcism of Catholic guilt
Klappe public cruising Matt Lambert film
Film & TVThis film celebrates the joy and awkwardness of gay sex
Felipe Orellana. “Javier”
Art & PhotographyEmbrace the femme: Beautiful portraits of young queer men
Life & CultureDavey Davis’s novel will scare you... but also turn you on?
image (3)
Life & CultureIt’s official: Gen Z is extremely gay
Ezekiel, “Group Bath”, Bliss (2020)
Art & PhotographyEzekiel’s photos of queer joy, sex and liberation
Shou-An Chiang, “Yurika and Shao Shuai”, Queerasian
Art & PhotographyThese photos reclaim young queer Asians from tired stereotypes
lesbian TikTok drama
Life & CultureWhat is the TikTok lesbian breakup apocalypse?
Harry Styles Dazed Winter 2021
MusicHarry Styles faces backlash for comments about ‘gay sex in films’
Pink Dot
Life & CultureSingapore has just ended its ban on gay sex
Life & CultureThe future of gay sex
Stills from the Queering Fashion film
FashionThe new exhibition mining fashion’s relationship with queer outcasts
James St James club kid podcast
FashionLegendary NY club kid James St James has a juicy new podcast
Life & CultureHÄN is the sexy new archive binding London’s queer community together
Chloe Sherman, Renegade San Francisco: the 1990s
Art & PhotographyPhotos that capture San Francisco’s 1990s queer renaissance
Helias Doulis, A Faggot’s Destiny
Art & PhotographyVoyeuristic images of Athens’ ‘gay porn booths’
Estrid_HumanKind_Nadine Noor_1
Beauty FeaturePxssy Palace’s Nadine Noor on the importance of funding queer spaces
Film & TVIntroducing a series of LGBTQ+ films from Dazed and Calvin Klein
Screenshot 2022-06-24 at 11.14.04
Film & TVMeg Stalter is creating a Christian lesbian comedy with A24
Daniel Jack Lyons, Like A River (2022)
Art & PhotographyIn pictures: The queer teens coming of age in the Amazon