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Megan Eagles
Photography Megan Eagles

Erotic photography for the 21st century

Playboy and Helmut Newton meet the modern day woman as Megan Eagles shoots female sexuality on her own terms

"I just love photographing women. I remember finding some old Playboy magazines when I was younger and really loving the imagery," says Megan Eagles, a London-based photographer whose portfolio is an homage to the female – often nude – form. "Also Helmut Newton; these women were powerful, exciting and so beautiful. They provided the inspiration for me," she adds. Shooting everything on her Pentax MX 35mm, her first time with a camera was with an ex-glamour model. "She was super comfortable getting her kit off and we ended up running around in the desert at 5am and got some of my favourite shots I’ve taken."

Hailing from a family of artists, 28-year-old Eagles says she could never quite nail painting or drawing like they could and instead turned her talents to the camera. "A camera offers you a mechanism to create beautiful work. My mum gave me hers when I was 15 and I loved it ever since," she explains. "I love films as well as trying to create a sense of filmic narrative in my work and photography provides a perfect way to do this."

Shooting the female body through a female gaze, Eagles says, "My work is an homage to 60s and 70s erotica and a drive to go back to times before Photoshop. I love tan lines and body hair and my intention is to present female sexuality, intimately from a female gaze. To give a glimpse into the world of female sexuality from a woman’s point of view and to show my subjects as strong and with sexual agency – something that is powerful and bad-ass."

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