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Groupies And Other Electric Ladies
Photography Baron Wolman

Celebrating some of the 70s most controversial women

Where there are rockstars there are beautiful women. This photographer captured the girls who got caught up in it all

Photographer Baron Wolman was one of the most prominent photographers in the golden age of rock n' roll – a time when names like Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin graced stages world-wide, blowing minds in equal measure. While Wolman was there to capture it all, he was also there to capture the girls who got caught up in a frenzy of leather trousers, lust and backstage antics. Now based in New Mexico, where he continues to work, Wolman was the first chief photographer of Rolling Stone magazine. It’s his seminal work for the title, produced five decades ago, of rock n' roll's groupies that is being published in a new book, aptly titled Groupies: and other electric ladies. Although controversial in their intentions, there’s no denying the allure of these women. Beauty, freedom and a go-get-it attitude. Some went on to pave their own way and some just have their glory days immortalised in shareable images now splashed across Tumblr and Pinterest alike. From Sally Mann to The Sanchez Twins and The Plaster Casters – who famously created plaster casts of their lovers’ erect penises – we meet the girls.

Groupies: and other electric ladies – published by ACC Editions – is available now