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Lasse Dearman’s Copenhagen
Photography Lasse Dearman

Documenting Copenhagen’s evolving music scene

This photographer shoots a love-letter to the Danish capital’s music scene by capturing the people at the heart of it

“It hasn't been my intention to find a subculture or music scene and document it,” explains photographer Lasse Dearman, whose images of Copenhagen’s pockets of youth culture see him shooting the everyday. “The photos are diary photos – I have my camera on me at all times and I like to photograph the people around me.”

It was in London that Dearman met photographer David Richardson, someone who would go on to impact his work. “He introduced me to his lifestyle/diary photography. I was impressed by how he could always tell a crazy story behind the photos he showed me, while I could only say that the person on my photos was either in a band or a model,” Dearman told us back in 2012. Since, the photographer has taken a more photojournalistic approach, as seen in his still-evolving series, shown here.

“When I say that it's a documentation of a subculture, it's because that is what I see now in the photos, if that makes sense,” he muses, adding that he finds himself inspired by the music scene in the Danish capital, known as ‘The Mayhem Scene’ – where anything from black metal to electronica can be found. “Most of the people appearing in my photos are not from these bands, and some don't play in any bands, but are people I have met through coming to these shows,” he reveals. “With that said, I still feel like there's aspects of a subculture if you look at my images, and when I look at them that's what I feel like I have been drawn towards photographing.”

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