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Todd Fisher’s PDA
Photography Todd Fisher

These photos show that people really like kissing

Todd Fisher captures the PDA of New York’s bars, clubs and on the streets in a series that proves love is all around

Excessive PDA can be one of the most uncomfortable things to experience – especially if you’re on the outside looking in. But somehow photographer Todd Fisher makes it fascinating. His series and zine, aptly titled PDA, is a collection of photos of couples locked in makeout sessions, and shot on an inconspicuous 35mm point-and-shoot. “The first one I did was of a couple that I was having dinner with. I just thought it was funny that they were making out at a table at a restaurant,” Fisher remembers. “I didn't immediately think of doing a series but I liked the photo, and I started noticing and snapping these situations everywhere. It was after I had a few that I really liked, that it became an idea for a series.”

The series, which was first presented at a show in 2006, is made up of photos taken over a variety of different situations – different parties, music venues, as well as on the street – and, as Fisher continues to shoot the city, he naturally continues to come across other loved up pairs. “I saw a pretty good one on the Bowery (New York) today, in the middle of the sidewalk, shopping bags at their feet,” he adds. Unconciously beginning the series when he was just a kid ‘playing around with a little snapshot camera’, he says, “Recently I discovered my true first ‘PDA’ shot, while going through a stack of old family snapshots. It was absolutely the first candid shot I'd ever taken, and I'm sure I didn't shoot anything for at least 10 years after that. I completely forgot about it.”

PDA is published by 0-100 Editions. To see more of Fisher’s work, click here