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Marton Gosztonyi’s travel diary
Photography Marton Gosztonyi

These photos embrace the isolation of southern Greece

Photographer Marton Gosztonyi escapes London for the idyllic nature of this quiet Greek village – taking his camera along with him for the ride

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While us in London spent most of our summers ogling the weather report, hoping for some serious telekinesis to break the rain and bring us a constant flow of sunshine, photographer Marton Gosztonyi actually did something about it.

Heading over to southern Greece to a little village called Mani where his girlfriend’s parents own a house – meaning he’s lucky enough to find himself there for a few weeks every year. “Everything is more laid back there so I also slow down when I am there,” says the photographer, usually based in the UK. “Being an outsider enables me to appreciate everyday things and see the beauty in ordinary objects and places. Also, staying with locals helps to discover all the hidden gems, the back street family run tavernas where the locals eat and ‘dusty’ places further from the beach.”

Shooting the rural landscapes, abandoned streets, old cars and architecture, he says, “The sun and the Mediterranean food are unbeatable. It is still relatively unspoilt, a few small villages linked together by one road, positioned between the Mediterranean Sea and the Taygetos Mountains. This geographic location gives the place a sense of isolation from the outside world and the combination of mountains and sea give it a very special energy.”

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