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Café Art's 2016 calendar submissions
JANUARY 2016: Tyre Break, HackneyPhotography Desmond Henry, via Café Art

See life through the gaze of a homeless Londoner

100 disposable cameras were handed out to homeless people in the capital – now they’re telling their stories through the medium of photography

It's often hard to see life through someone else's eyes, even more so in a bustling place like London. But Café Art, an organisation that uses art and creativity to help homeless people, has done just that. In July they handed out 100 Fujifilm disposable cameras around the capital and asked the now-budding photographers to shoot what London means to them.

Of the 80 cameras that were returned, a panel of judges, including representatives from FujiFilm, The London Photo Festival, Christie's, Homeless Link and Amateur Photographer magazine, then selected 20 photos from a total of 2,500 entries, with the public then voting to shorten that list to the final 12.

The images are set to be immortalised in Café Art's annual “My London” calendar – now in its third incarnation – but they can’t get there without funding, with the project still looking for backing via Kickstarter. “Art is seen as a major way for people to recover from the trauma of being homeless,” reads the project page, and by using the camera as a storytelling device, those affected by homelessness in London have a chance to make their voices heard, and – with profits going back into the organisation – a means to help themselves.

Visit Art Café’s Kickstarter page to help fund this project – funding is open until 19 September, 2015