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Instagram via @lexiealley
via @lexiealley

These insta nomads will get your feet itching

Forget tourist brochures, airport add ons and bad AirBnBs: hitch a ride on these globetrotting photogs from the safety of your own fingertips

There are heaps of people who know how to go places on Instagram. But not that many people that have us wishing we were there for longer than a few flicks of the thumb. We tracked down ten travellers who're doing it different, and documenting it in a way that doesn't look like Flight Centre's home page. Fasten your envy belt, and hitch a ride on the vicarious living express.

THE ADVENTURE HANDBOOK (@theadventurehandbook)

Different stories from different locations each week. Real adventures, to places you've probably never seen before in pictures. From people who know how to take impossible photographs, and how to deal with a breakdown in the outback.

MAGDALENA WOSINSKA (@themagdalenaexperience)

Taking the indie-photos-of-the-back-of-people's-heads aesthetic to a new level. Magdalena Wosinska is "capturing half nude moments." Thousands of destinations, zero t-shirts.

HELIAS DOULIS (@heliasdoulis)

UK artist Helias Doulis takes photos that look like still lives from movies we want to see. Bodies and landscapes contrast quietly. Nothing is disturbed.

ALINNE REZENDE (@linnirezende)

Architecture and patterns, both built and naturally existing, are a soft focus here. Visual finds that just happenstance, rather than braggy Instagram travel reels.

LYDIA JAMES (@lydiajamesx)

Outdoorsy photographs from hikes you wish you took. The air tastes better just looking at them.

SOPHIE STAFFORD (@sophiestafford_)

Sophie Stafford's photographs pay attention to the details. Cropped images of curiosities and local faces are favoured over wide angle selfies off hotel balconies. What a relief.

BECCA LADER (@beccalader)

Becca Lader of 'Roadie Zine' travels like a girl. Independently, whimsically, with a strong cup of coffee. Not afraid of to be influenced by Twin Peaks, which we're pretty partial to too.

LEXIE ALLEY (@lexiealley)

Beachside and side stage. Lexie Alley is following bands around and taking photos of the places she ends up while she's at it. 

EMMA LADLOW (@emmaladlow)

Emma Ladlow captures personal moments of bliss. An especially blue sky or clear body of water. A leaf creeping over a wall just right, or a fruit display that's smiling at her. She's just noticing things, and being happy about it.

SOMEWHERE I WOULD LIKE TO GO (@somewhereiwouldliketogo)

Dream destinations in countries you never even knew you wanted to visit. Time to scrap that old travel list and start again.