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Mads Teglers’ Belgrade
Photography Mads Teglers

Photographing Belgrade’s emerging young creatives

Documenting a trip to Serbia, this intimate series explores the city’s creative next-gen during their down time

In 2013, photographer Mads Teglers set off to capture Serbia’s creative youth, living amongst the city of Belgrade. Part desire to meet new people and part photography project, the Copenhagen-born creative, who usually turns his eye to fashion, spent a week with a group of young artists, photographers and musicians. “I like the energy and spontaneity (of youth culture) makes me feel alive,” says Teglers. “Life is hard for young people in the city, and for many of them, they are really fighting but are still very creative and productive. Alot of money is not always necessary for producing great art, or to be original – rather, it’s the opposite.” Featuring images captured inside his new friend’s apartments, Teglers observes as they apply make-up, smoke cigarettes and watch TV, with the photographer adding, “I hope people can feel this intimacy in these pictures.”

Belgrade is available now from MTHM Books