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Peter Kaaden’s NAAKED, Dazed
Photography by Peter Kaaden

These photos get up close and uncomfortable

This photographer borrows a dental camera and zooms in for an extreme close-up, celebrating the beauty of the body

If you’re sitting too close you might want to take a step back, as Dazed photographer Peter Kaaden gets personal with a bunch of bodies in his latest series NAAKED. After borrowing his dentist’s camera, he began experimenting on models, explaining, “I was trying it out on the things I like; naked bodies!. I found out that I could see things I’ve never seen before – I could be closer to a body than I was ever.”

Casting ‘anybody who wanted to be a part of it’, the photographer found inspiration in the less appreciated places, made unique by his new lens. “I’m surprised by parts sometimes,” he tells us. “The back, the neck, all these parts I usually don’t really care about, but they’re really special up close.”

Kaaden’s fascination with the nude form is more evident than ever before, “I was always fascinated by the body and nudity is always a part of my work,” he says. “It’s about sex. If you have sex with someone you are super close, but most of the time you don’t really see what’s happening. Maybe this will let you feel the same way – by being intimate with these pictures... somehow!”

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