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Tine Bek
Photography Tine Bek

Does this photographer’s work seduce you?

Tine Bek asks you to play spot the erotica as she pairs sensitive with seductive in her photo series

Tine Bek is a 27-year-old photographer, born in Denmark, living in Glasgow, and the owner of a slightly obsessive habit of trawling eBay for old cameras. Born by the sea, her father taught her to appreciate the beauty of the Danish light from an early age, “He always talks about how we have the most amazing light that sets a certain mood. When I think of ‘the Danish’ within art, design and life in general, I have this image of something well made and very simple – which I think my work also reflects sometimes. I like to strip my images down to the core and focus on simplicity, while giving a lot of information at the same time.”

Currently completing her Masters in Fine Art Photography, it’s her nomadic nature that’s given her the most inspiration. “Thinking about it now I have had a lot of muses. Because I have moved around a lot and travelled regularly, I always meet new people who inspire me and make me want to capture something in them,” she says. In regards to where she pulls inspiration from, she’s not fussy, “I draw from everywhere. Anything I touch, see or listen to goes straight in. I like shooting very normal things and situations but capturing them in a slightly obscure manner, which might make you question the whole scenario. Subconsciously, a lot of my work is very sensual and sometimes even erotic. Often it does not shine through until I’m editing and pairing works, but there is always an aspect of seduction involved.”

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