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Robi Rodriguez The Birds 9
From The BirdsPhotography by Robi Rodriguez

These photos prove that love doesn’t care for age

Dazed photographer Robi Rodriguez’s intimate series documents an elderly couple’s romance, showing love is timeless

Fashion photographer Robi Rodriguez swaps high fashion for happy ever after in his new series The Birds. Previously shooting editorials for Dazed like “Ladies Night” and “I Learnt To Type in Highschool”, styled by Dazed creative director Robbie Spencer, Rodriguez turns his lens on a real-life elderly couple to prove that love really is all you need. “I wanted to tell the story about an older couple who are still very much in love, and act on that passion,” Rodriguez explains. “I met them by chance on the street. After a few months of convincing them and explaining my intentions, they agreed to do the photos with me.”

With one-half of the couple, named Derek and Ann, an amateur photographer and the other owning a penchant for occasionally posing nude, Rodriguez says the couple have been shooting each other for the past five decades. Amongst a sea of glossy images focusing on burgeoning young love and ageless bodies, Rodriguez’s shots are a welcome addition to the photography scene. And just what does the photographer want people to take away for them? “A message of hope for our future.”

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