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Ren Hang, PYLOT magazine
Photography Ren Hang

This new mag says no to airbrushing

The London-based title giving Photoshop the shove – from advertisements to their own shoots – and championing a new era of all-analogue photography

PYLOT magazine is the new champion of au naturale. A fashion publication at its heart, this fresh kid on the zine scene is ushering in a new era of analogue, where everything from the mag’s photo shoots to adverts are guided by a strict no airbrush policy. Photo editor Bex Day explains, “We felt there are areas of the industry that were only being discussed, not acted upon. PYLOT offers an alternative perspective on what constitutes a modern fashion photograph.”

With such hyper awareness of the negative impact of an industry floating unrealistic ideals of beauty – no matter what age an audience – it was high time someone took a responsible stance. Now in its second issue, PYLOT fills its pages with architectural photography, fashion and fine art, dealing with images that “have subtle quirks and undertones” in order for readers to engage on a deeper level. The latest issue tackles the concept of family, Day says, “It is both personal and impersonal at the same time, no one can share exact experiences but it allows the viewer to gain an insight into those of other’s.”

Featuring images shot by next-gen talents Ren Hang, fashion photographer Tom Johnson, Day herself, and hyperreal duo Freel and Gorse (AKA Éamonn Freel and Henry Gorse) in their own respective shoots, to name a few. The mag also tackles issues such as childbirth and what family means in the fashion world, as well as where to buy the best vintage mags and a deeper look into why we should celebrate our flaws. One to run out and buy – now.

PYLOT issue 2 is available now here