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Red Lebanese, Ditto
Photography by Thomas Brun

The collective shooting Paris beyond the boulevards

Red Lebanese is a Paris-based septet with an eye for capturing the gritty heart of the French capital

Red Lebanese is a young publishing house that should be notching up some serious time on your creative radar right about now. Thanks to a healthy publishing of their latest zine by London publishing kings Ditto, the group, which features some of Paris's most up-and-coming photographers, are making a name for themselves Europe-wide. Including names like Raphael Lopez, Yanis Dadoum, Barthélémie Labé, Vincent Canton, Thomas Brun, Pablo Jomaron and Quentin Leroy, the septet are, first and foremost, a bunch of mates, supporting those within, as well as outside of, Red Lebanese (a name that nods to a certain Lebanese hash.) “People do all kinds of things, and sometimes it’s not the most famous that has the most interesting practice,” they muse. Their film rolls are candid, honest and raw, capturing the streets of the capital with a series of off-the-hip shots. “Our idea is to publish our own work, the work of our friends, and those ones who have a photographical or musical practice,” they say, adding, “They do not always have any professional intention, but we want them to viewed at the same level.”

Red Lebanese is available from Ditto now, click here for more information