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Photography by Tyler Udall

Glimpse these fleeting moments of male intimacy

Photographer Tyler Udall gives us a look into the boys, the bad and the better times, ahead of his latest London exhibition

“When I first started taking pictures I immediately realised that the camera helped me see things more clearly,” riffs photographer and ex Dazed Fashion Editor Tyler Udall. A new generation of American photographers exploring the blurred lines between gender and identity. With his debut show hitting the art world just two years ago, his foray into photography was much more personal than most, using each click of the shutter as, in his words, ‘breadcrumbs’ to trace the path he's travelled. “When I look back at some of my earlier images, the places and situations I was putting myself in were really reckless. I guess I’ve always found that fringe existence very seductive,” he tells us. “For a while I needed to be in a pretty dark head space to take pictures, but that doesn't seem to be the case anymore.”

His latest London exhibition, BOYS, is a manifestation of his ongoing project Auguries of Innocence, a photo diary documenting the past four years of his life. “Being able to steal these micro moments and archive them for future reference was the craziest gift. The end result was this lovely mosaic of sex, laughter, loss and growth,” he says. With a sharp focus on men, a mixture of familiar male faces pepper his work – namely Cole, Udall’s long-term partner. He jokes, “I shoot him all the time. Poor thing must be so sick of it!” Under Udall’s lens, his boys are cloaked in pools of water, covered in white bed sheets or hidden behind Batman masks, and it's this candid and comfortable approach to capturing such fleeting intimacy that’s key to his work. “It’s fascinating how quickly social and emotional barriers come crashing down when a man is alone and in front of a camera,” muses Udall, before revealing that he's yet to conquer one of man's biggest enigma's – the woman. “It’s not that simple when I’m shooting a woman,” he says. “There seems to be more layers of the onion to get through.”

BOYS is on show at London's Little Black Gallery from 26 May – 20 June, 2015