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Selfish Kim Kardashian West Rizzoli book
One of the hacked images, now published in SelfishKim Kardashian / Rizzoli

Kim Kardashian reclaims hacked selfies – by publishing them

She's taken the power out of hackers' hands and distributed her nude images under her own terms

In case you haven't heard, it's Kim Kardashian Selfie Day! The Balmain muse and Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has released her first photography book with Rizzoli, a collection of selfies titled Selfish. The 445-page tome documents everything from Kim's friendship with Paris Hilton to her marriage to Kanye West – but there's one section that stands out in particular.

About halfway through Selfish is a section of black pages that feature Kardashian's private nude selfies, which were hacked and disseminated as part of the gross 4chan and Reddit phenomenon now known as the Fappening. While other victims of the hack have urged people not to look at the images at all (Jennifer Lawrence, for instance, blasted it as a "sex crime"), Kardashian has chosen to publish the pictures in a deliberate "fuck you" to the hackers.

"I wasn't intending to put these in the book," she writes in a caption, "but I saw them online during the iCloud hack. I'm not mad at them. lol they are taken with a Blackberry and I don't have iCloud... it's all a bit of a mystery!" 

Revenge porn – and by extension, the celebrity hack which occurred last year – operates on the basis of shame and fear. It's a nasty undercurrent of misogyny that hisses: "Look at what I can do to you. I can take your most intimate, private self and splash it all across the internet. You should be embarrassed of yourself."

But if there's one thing that Kim Kardashian isn't, it's easily embarrassed. On the Jimmy Kimmel Show this week, she said that she even launched her own investigation into the hack – by sending her nudes to her own friends. "Like, 'you guys, investigate this, what's in the background, where was I, do you guys remember this hotel?'" she explained. "Anything. I pinpointed it down to 2010 because I had a white Blackberry that was released at the time."

So far, nobody has been arrested for their involvement in the hack. And to be fair, Kim Kardashian is in the unique position of being Kim Kardashian – we can't think of any other celebrity who could get away with reclaiming their own nudes by actually putting them out there herself.

But hey, she's doing it under her own terms, for her own profit, and in a book put out by one of the world's most prestigious art book publishers. Some say living is the best revenge, and Kim K is killing it right now. 

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