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HIGH by Carlos Santolalla
Photography by Carlos Santolalla

Hot boys smoking weed

One half of model power couple Jarlos introduces a new zine celebrating the highest holiday of the year

4/20. A countercultural holiday celebrating cannabis culture and stoners gathering in their hundreds to do what they do best: smoke weed. In honour of the global phenomenon, HIGH, a new zine from Carlos Santolalla, the multi-talented millennial model, DJ and one-half of models-of-the-moment couple Jarlos, is being released. Born out of his photo project snapping hot guys breathing in some good old THC, the California Bay-native tells us he is naturally inclined to the subject, feeling hot stoned guys are something that the world deserves to see. “Marijuana culture has been ingrained with me since I was a closeted homo in high school,” he says. “I always thought marijuana turned me gay. The first time I ever hooked up with a boy was because he rolled a perfect blunt for me and I found that to be an extremely attractive talent.”

The zine contains photos of such aforementioned gorgeous stoned boys embedded amongst important facts about the beneficial legalisation of marijuana, in the hope to clarify stoners aren’t bad people – as well as educate the wider population, and naysayers, on their culture. Santolalla explains: “The war on drugs isn't meant for all drugs and in this case it's a huge misuse of resources. The mistreatment of peaceful, casual weed smokers in America is downright amoral.”

HIGH is available from Raat City now