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Nate Walton – Out of Body
Photography by Nate Walton

An intimate study of life and sex in LA

Photographer Nate Walton shoots the everyday amongst a sea of anonymity

Los Angeles photographer Nate Walton's new book Out of Body is an intimate study of life and sex. No models here – the images, shot between 2012-2014, are all real people: "they represent real things!" says Walton. Finding himself intrigued by the mundane, his images are a voyeuristic snapshot celebrating the everyday details of life in the City of Angels – from walking through a parking lot with a shopping trolley to drinking a glass of water in bed. His cast find themselves tangled in white curtains, performing downward dog in nothing but ballet slippers and flashing their knickers in a grocery store aisle. Often alone and faceless, either turning away from the lens or obscuring their face with a shower curtain, tufts of hair or white veils – this anonymity lends a 'ghostlike' quality, as Walton calls it, to his work.

Out of Body is available from MTHM Books now