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Meet the teens taking over NY's tracks with their itchy feet

Boomboxes at dawn as Sam Nixon shoots the hyperactive guerrilla dance crews taking the NY subway by storm

Fresh from shooting our Autumn issue story with K-Rizz and Princess Nokia, Sam Nixon's Showtime series puts fashion on the backburner as he tails the guerrilla dance crews infilitrating New York's subway system. Aggressively saturated in blood-red, his shots of the mysterious group bring a raw, almost chaotic edge. Nixon explains, "It's the colour of Mars – domineering, urgent and powerful. It demands attention and commandeers the senses". Following the subway performance crews, Nixon's day-glo lens renders the flip side to the average, quotidian commute as the performers pull stunt after stunt on their high-speed stage from Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and back again. "They’re really athletes", Nixon explains, "They’ve learned to use the train as an extension of their bodies. They've got the exact dimensions of every pole, every handrail on the train and off. They know every platform, every line and they know which spots have vital power adapters to charge their boomboxes". While some might shun the hustling, flash mob effect, it's fast becoming a legit career on the tracks for teens with itchy feet –  crews can perform up to 20 sets an hour, raking in $150 a day. "I'm immensely thankful that the performers pulled me along for the ride and let me into their intimate sphere" says Nixon, " And I’m glad that I was able to display their world in an alternative light".