Watch K Rizz at a pool party for her rap anthem ‘YES BITCH’

Your favourite Filipina popstar follows her viral hit ‘Salhabe’ with another wild summer track

Following her meme-inspiring, DIS-premiered Filipino reggaeton debut “Salbahe”, NYC's Filipina princess K Rizz returns with the fierce "YES BITCH" – a title that demands all-caps. Shining bright from New York’s underground scene, K Rizz's club-ready new serving references her Wednesday night residency at Le Bain's Club YES and was directed by her boyfriend Roc’Well and filmed in Los Angeles. Surely there's a nod to Nicki in the title too. K Rizz struts her sexuality in a Hello Kitty bikini while sipping on a cocktail, dripping in diamonds in front of Gucci logos and casually browsing a travel brochure in an evening gown. Keep it locked for the twist ending, too. Let’s just say, every time K Rizz goes off, we’re like “YES Bitch”.