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Dalston Anatomy
Dalston AnatomyLorenzo Vitturi

Catch Lorenzo Vitturi's raw, colour-rich ode to Dalston

Driving head-on into the unstoppable energy of an area poised for extinction

Venice-born photographer Lorenzo Vitturi is an expert at dissecting the elements of a location. For our Summer 2014 issue, Vitturi took Maison Martin Margiela's Spring/Summer Artisanal collection to Ridley Road market, clashing an array of the everyday from Dalston's streets with the eclectic couture of Margiela. The draw of Dalston evidently holds strong for Vitturi, whose most recent, and widely acclaimed project Dalston Anatomy drives further into the culturally vibrant and rapidly evolving East London area. With the first of this series hailed as one of 2013's standout books, the anatomy continues with a combination of photography, sculpture and composition capturing the spirit of Dalston on the brink of gentrification. Vitturi's artistic background as a former cinema set painter bleeds into his trademark, colour-saturated aesthetic. "It's a visual ode to Dalston – a unique place where different cultures merge together in a celebration of life, diversity and unstoppable energy", said Vitturi of the area's continuing artistic pull for him. "I felt compelled to capture this place at its rawest and most beautiful, with all its flaws and smells before it too is transformed and disappears altogether, as time moves ever forward".

Dalston Anatomy is on show at The Photographer's Gallery from August 1 - October 19.