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"Ray Eating The Stone Out", My Dreams Are Wearing ThinSophie Mörner

Capricious lay their bold vision bare

As the radical art platform take over founder Sophie Mörner shares their manifesto on the state of sex in art

As part of our new summer US project States of Independence we've invited our favourite 30 American curators, magazines, creatives and institutions to takeover Dazed for a day. This week, State of Sex takes an all-encompassing look at sexuality, gender and all the flavours of the American rainbow.

“Ca·pri·cious – Given to sudden and unaccountable changes of mood or behaviour”. Over the past ten years multi-disciplinary art platform Capricious has crept up on us, carving out an undeniable monopoly on erotic, queer and feminist discourse through art. It only seemed right then, to get them to round-off State of Sex. Today they'll be giving us an exclusive insight into their favourite artists raising the bar right now. Check back here throughout the day for their Dazed guest edit

Capricious is a magazine, publishing house and gallery in New York. Since our inception, we've forged an international platform for celebrating and supporting emerging, underrepresented artists. Initiated by Sophie Mörner in 2004 as a photography magazine, we've since grown as a premier publisher and gallery known for presenting work that's intelligent, diverse, and consistently strong.

Capricious Magazine was the first-born and led to many other art and culture-related publications and collaborative spaces. Publications include GLU (Girls Like Us), RANDY, Le Derriere Cri and most recently a collaboration with Bianca Casady to publish GAG. We also publish various monographs including the work of Anne Hall, K8 Hardy, Amber Ibarreche, and Eve Fowler. Our roving curatorial arm has occupied many spaces including its present form, Capricious 88, operating as both a tool for discovering new talent and as an artists’ oasis for over a decade.

Now in our 10th year, our newest space Capricious 88 elevates the mission with renewed vigor and vision, merging our focus in photography with realist mediums of sculpture, video and performance that embody the Capricious spirit.

We are instinctual and personal. The spaces we create build from the intimate bonds of a community gathering. While the visually-driven work we present marks a fluid translation of our queerness, otherness, wildness.

We carve out space for new bodies, new shapes, new power and expression. Our curation is critical, subversive, genuine, and forever-curious, often creating a discourse between generational perspectives on gender and sexuality that play off each other in bold, unexpected ways.

As Capricious 88 finds new vitality in the shows presented, such as the MasculineDischarge, and Relations — we hold sex, body, and gender as transformative. We occupy the body as it discovers its boundlessness. 

The work we harbor courses with sex as an implicit truth, a primal sense of total freedom.

We staff-selected this sex-centric mix to soundtrack our takeover today, so sit back, hit play and immerse yourself in the Capricious world.