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Visual Diaries/Girls
Florencia Serrot

Visual Diaries/Girls

The international girls-only group bring their diary shots to London tomorrow night

"My photography is spontaneous: I don't think very much when I'm doing it. What makes me press the shutter is generally when something visually pleases me, or just when I have a feeling that I want to freeze."

This is how Portuguese photographer Sara Gomes, one of eleven women that make up the international collective show Visual Diaries/Girls describes what drives her. The show, curated by Florencia Serrot, has been touring around Europe and will go on show this Thursday at Mother in London. Featuring photographers from around the world including Sweden, Mexico and Spain, the show explores a new breed of female photography taken from a left-field approach whether it be avoiding typical gallery spaces, self-publishing online or founding independent publications to showcase their work. The images, with their autobiographical spin, form a kind of public diary showcasing the individual realities of each photographer.

Visual Diaries/Girls will be on show March 6 at Mother in London.