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Clubbers dancing outdoors, Amnesia II courtyard, Ibiza, 1989David Swindells/ PYMCA


Exclusive: Blast through photographic generations of youth culture, courtesy of PYZINE

PYMCA started life as a historic archive for over 100,000 photos of youth culture: think a Getty Images for every single subculture that's ever existed on the face of the planet. Skins, Brighton teddy boys and girls, Ibiza ravers, Sapporo punks – for years, PYMCA has been collecting images and documentation related to youth movements dating back to before the 60s, making the archive accessible to educational establishments, journalists and professional photographers.

Till now, the archive was only accessible to educational establishments, journalists and the professional photography community – if the general public wanted to take a look at pictures like Sweaty ravers on dancefloor at Joy Shoom club, 1988, they would need to pay for it. That is, until early this month, when PYMCA announced the launch of PYZINE. The online-only zine showcases the extraodinarily coherent body of imagery in PYMCA, documenting the birth of youth culture and its global evolution through the generations. 

Take a look at the site for more PYMCA-exclusive images.