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From the feature Gescheidt (1926-2012)Alfred Gescheidt

Le Derrière Cri

Exclusive: Dedicated to fashion antagonism, Le Derrière Cri subverts the classic magazine

What can you expect from a publication entirely dedicated to fashion antagonism? Certainly not the expected. A re-imagination of the classic structural magazine model – gone are the days of the standard format of the interview, the article or the review. Instead, toted as “An ink-and-paper Trojan horse full of black, naughty, beautiful and occasionally new ideas,” Le Derrière Cri is a delightful smattering of experimental fashion spreads, twisted tales and academic musings from a cave of anonymous insiders, sensorial artists and established and forgotten practitioners. And all this, with the aim of reviving satire and critique within the realms of fashion, photography and contemporary culture. Something wicked this way comes.

The magazine will be launched at New York Book fair at the Capricious stand. Get it through their website, too