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Ruediger Glatz /

Visions of Resistance #4: Ruediger Glatz

A German photographer on his black-and-white shots of the Turkish protests in Turkey

Inspired by the protestor's spirit and shocked at the police violence in Istanbul, under the tag "Visions Of Resistance", Dazed will showcase photographers on the ground in Gezi Park, and their pictures of the troubles. Take a look at Ruediger Glatz's monochromes below, and see the rest of the series here

My name is Ruediger Glatz and I am a German photographer based in Heidelberg, Germany. The focus of my photography is on personal projects that end up in shows and publications, even though I make my living as a commercial photographer. I run an agency that I started with a business partner some years back that aims to shoot commercially but in an anonymous way. I was sitting in a hotel room in Shanghai shooting for a HUGO BOSS fashion show. I was shocked, since I planned to travel to Istanbul two days later for a meeting. The information came over Facebook posts by friends, and straight away I knew that I wanted to support with my camera. Because I was only there for a day, my opinion is limited. I don’t think I managed to get the one and only shot that says it all. It would need to be at least two images; I experienced a peaceful demonstration during the day on Taksim square, which was more like a circus fair than a demonstration. At night things changed a bit though and I left Taksim square with a friend of a friend and headed towards the frontline. You could smell and feel teargas all around; people were wearing gasmasks and there was a sense of excitement in the air. An insight into what I saw that day - normal people protesting almost partying even. And then the vibe that I could feel. I would say it was the image of an older man, who came unmasked down the street. While most people were wearing gas masks because of the teargas, he was just holding a big bottle of water. He was almost paralyzed but handed over the water to a young protester, giving him a drink. This question should be answered by someone who has a better understanding of the situation than I do. I was just the guy with a camera who happened to be down there for a day.