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Delicate Subjects

Tough guys in Paris and gritty landscapes from the young Russian photographer

Besides studying architecture, the young Russian photographer Nastya Vinogradova dedicates her spare time to photographing her favourite subject - people. Sensitively capturing tough-looking young boys on black & white and colour film, Vinogradova also explores the geometrical contrasts in outer spaces and portrays landscapes with an almost impressionist sense:

"For the past 6 years I have been living in Saint Petersburg. It’s beautiful, quieter and calmer than Moscow. Every place has its own atmosphere, idea, function, aesthetics; it influences you and conditions some perception. Two years ago we had Andrea Varani’s exhibition here, the colours in his works and composition base inspired me at that moment. I started to make uncomplicated model test shoots, photographed girls and boys when I had free time... I think I mostly enjoy photographing people. You need to communicate, try to catch something in them. I also like to take pictures outside. For example, you can find a specific place that inspires you, it provides some idea, atmosphere, colours, structure and you can add a person and make a kind of story."