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EXCLUSIVE: Lady Amanda Harlech's India

The Chanel collaborator and confidant of Karl Lagerfeld shares her holiday photography with Dazed Digital

Lady Amanda Harlech has worked alongside Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel for 15 years, splitting her time between Shropshire and Paris, where she attends the Rue Cambon atelier and keeps an apartment at The Ritz. Interviewed in Dazed & Confused's April issue as part of Max Farago and Karen Langley's Metier d'Art Paris-Bombay editorial, featuring Lindsey Wixson, Harlech explains how Chanel means "grace, an agile elegance, intelligence, a thoroughbred ease with extraordinary skills, wit, attitude and an innate understanding of what's really luxurious." Qualities she is just as synonymous with herself.

Here, Harlech shares her photography from a three week trip to India with Dazed Digital, a gesture published in print by Steidl – "in the spirit of those intrepid British travel writers like Lady Stanhope who used words and a sketchbook to record their impressions." The album is an intimate series of candid photography caturing the vibrancy, colour and texture of the country and its people, landscapes and architecture. In Harlech's inimitable candour.