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Lucie Crewdson

The young Manchester-based photographer speaks to us about her love of fashion photography and her raw, dream-like style

Dabbling in everything across fashion, portraiture and documentary-style shoots, Manchester-based freelance photographer and student Lucie Crewdson works with digital formats as well as 35mm and 120 film to achieve her results. Attempting just to capture snapshots of daily life and playing with the effects of movement, she keeps a visual diary of soft photographs of anything from old council blocks, flowers against a wall, and friends, as well as her more fashion-based shoots.

Fashion can be as imaginative or as crazy as you like, but it can also be raw and gritty and this is what appeals to me. It lets you create whatever you want

Dazed Digital: How did you first get into photography?
Lucie Crewdson:
I always enjoyed taking photos but grew up wanting to be a fashion designer. It took a few years for me to realise my love was actually for creating fashion imagery rather than clothes, I think all the time I spent looking through magazines finally made me realise! I also met a few different people over time who by chance were all photographers and I think seeing their passion for photography helped me connect with my own.

DD: What kind of photography are you most drawn to?
Lucie Crewdson: I am into all kinds of photography but I have a true love for fashion imagery and documentary. I particularly enjoy images that can't be easily defined to one genre. 35mm and medium format are currently my favourite ways of working but I still like to use my digital camera and experiment with what it can achieve. I enjoy a mixture of dream like, avant garde and raw styles. I'm a big fan of Saga Sig's work and how she creates highly imaginative commercial work.

DD: Why does the medium of photography attract you most?
Lucie Crewdson: The fact that photography can capture a moment there and then and record time is really exciting to me! The use of film and the wait to see what's on the roll, especially when they turn out well, is really fun. I also  like it's cinematic qualities, which has developed into me starting to try out video.

DD: How do you approach an image? Do you plan shots or try to capture moments spontaneously?
Lucie Crewdson: One of my favourite things to do is take photographs spontaneously and capture real life. When working with fashion though, I plan the shoots and have a concept in mind. I try not to plan too much though as I have learnt that it's better to see what happens, if you plan to much I feel you shut yourself off from what could be. My favourite images tend to be those that capture a model in between poses, I like capturing movement.

DD: What projects are you currently working on?
Lucie Crewdson: I am studying at Manchester School of Art at the moment and with my work there I am exploring ideas of female presence with anxiety and escapism. I am working on images that create a narrative with a very loose connection to fashion. Alternative processes are something that I am beginning to get into more and I aim to continue with that side of photography throughout this year. Alongside that I am planning a magazine with some wonderful friends which is a really exciting project for us!

DD: What is it about fashion photography that has particular appeal to you?
Lucie Crewdson: Fashion can be as imaginative or as crazy as you like, but it can also be raw and gritty and this is what appeals to me. It lets you create whatever you want.

DD: What do you want to be doing in 10 years time?
Lucie Crewdson: I think I would be very happy just to be earning money from doing what I love. It would be nice to know that I had made the most of the next ten years and seen a bit more of the world too!