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Style Calendar 2012

Joanna Schlenzka and Daniel Baer present this stylish way of keeping track of next year's months, with the help of photographers KT Auleta, David Dunan, Andreas Larsson and Serge Leblon

When someone says the word ‘calendar’, your first thoughts are often of the tragic kitten and rabbit ones found in pop-up stalls in shopping centres. But fear not, for this humble organizational wall hanging is about to make a comeback in the form of the ‘Style Calendar 2012’; an amalgamation of inventive design and captivating imagery that simply makes you swoon. Former Dazed Senior Fashion Editor, Joanna Schlenzka (now Fashion Director at Mixt(e) Magazine) has collaborated with Daniel Baer, founder of Studio Baer, to create the beauteous Style Calendar aiming for it to become a collector’s item (only 1500 have been produced).

The striking images are provided by an array of established and emerging photographers including; KT Auleta, David Dunan, Andreas Larsson and Serge Leblon among others. And even the packaging shares its splendour being presented in a corrugated silk-screened box. Dazed Digital speaks to Joanna and Daniel about their reasons for choosing the physicality of a calendar and whether we can expect a 2013 version for next year too.

Dazed Digital: Can you describe what the Style Calendar 2012 is? What’s the drive behind it?
Style Calendar:
We wanted to work on something that would give us the opportunity to showcase the work of as many different photographers as possible, and that could serve as a platform for new emerging talent within the field, as well as some of the more established names that we had worked with in the past. The idea of having an amazing image physically hanging on the wall for one month was very appealing to us, especially in an age where we get bombarded with so many new visuals every day (much of that online), and it seemed like the calendar could be a great project for all these different photographers to get their teeth into and show off their individual styles.

DD: What was it like collaborating and working with Studio Baer?
Style Calendar: It was really great! We met a few years back on a shoot for Prada in Milan in Spring 2008. Although it was a very hectic few days, we instantly knew that our professional paths would cross again, as we realised very quickly that our tastes in fashion and image making perfectly compliment each other. After our first job together in Milan, we were looking for a suitable project to collaborate on in a more independent way.

In 2010 the opportunity came along to curate and direct a British photography showcase called ‘Centrefold’, for which we brought together Hans Feurer, Miguel Reveriego, Yelena Yemchuk and several other esteemed names in the photography and art world.

DD: In this digital age, was it important to you that you were creating something tangible and beautiful that could be kept and collected?
Style Calendar: We are both intrigued by beautiful, rare objects which have longevity (Joanna: Vintage fashion /Daniel: Old photography books), and felt that the calendar was the ideal product. We both love calendars and always felt that over the years they have become less and less visible. Calendars very often have a sentimental value, which reminds you of a time and a place, which is a nice quality for a product. The calendar will instantly feel very special since it is being produced in a limited edition of only 1500.

DD: What was your selection process in terms of the photographers used in this project? What did they all bring to the project?
Style Calendar: We really wanted to work with a wide range of our favourite photographers, many of whom we had collaborated with in the past, some more established and some more up and coming. Each photographer has their own very distinctive style which was key to the selection process as we really wanted each image to have it's own identity and mood.

DD: Do you have a favourite image in the Style Calendar?
Style Calendar: I think it is too hard to pick a favourite image - we really love every one in so many ways, and each image is so different and so representative of each of the photographers' individual styles.

DD: Do you hope this will be an ongoing project? Can we expect a calendar for 2013?
Style Calendar: We are planning to make the Style Calendar a fixture in the fashion publishing world and are already working on 2013, as well as many other client projects in print, film and digital.

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