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The Leeds-based duo combine post-rock guitars and soft electronic synths for spine-tingling effects

Selling out their handmade CDR single earlier this year, Gavin Miller and Thomas Ragsdale aka Leeds duo Worriedaboutsatan have been crafting Trentemoller-esque epic atmospheric sounds paired with lush electronic beats, 'plenty of reverb' and dark moods in their tracks like 'Heart Monitor', and their remix for White Hinterland's 'Icarus'. The success of the first single means Denovali Records in Germany have since re-pressed their track 'Heart Monitor' as a 12" vinyl EP, which is out this November. Dazed speak to the duo about combining guitars with techno and collecting dead creatures...

Q & A

WHAT'S… special about you, then?

Gavin: Hmm… well we don’t like to blow our own horns (figuratively speaking) but we like to think we’re doing something a bit different. Guitars with plenty of reverb fit so well over techno! It’s weird how similar techno and post-rock are, but have never really hooked up. 

...your worst vice?

Tom: Spending a lot of money on websites like on junk and tat. I’ve just started getting back into collecting framed dead creatures (kind of taxidermy I suppose). My prized bug is a giant scorpion.

…the story behind your worried name?

Gavin: Ah, it’s a song by a band called dEUS, I used to be a bit of a superfan, but I’ve since mellowed. Back in the day, I signed up to their forum, using the most obscure song title as a name, just so I could out-cool everyone else on there. And the weirdest thing I could find was a song called ‘worried about satan’ – and it being the internet, I made it all one word, because underscores look a bit crap!

... your favourite sound?

Tom: Ah, the sound of a fresh bottle of beer opening!! Seriously, my favourite sound is that part when you’re on stage getting ready to play, the sound guy turns the background music down, there’s a few cheers, and then the first kick drum smashes through the speakers…

 ...your worst fashion secret?

Gavin: Hmmm… I am partial to slippers and cardigans- are they bad?! In my time, I’ve been known to wear some pretty horrific things, although thinking back to my childhood, my mum used to give me knitted jumpers that would go down a treat in Shoreditch nowadays!

...your favourite website?

Tom: Has to be – genius stuff.

... good for breakfast?

Gavin: Ooof, the veggie full English from our local café is immense. Recently however, we had burger king for breakfast after a gig we did in London… that was not such a good idea. the top of your shit list?

Tom: Shit list eh? Definitely people who try and brag about what they’re doing and all that kind of thing. Just stop it. Them –  “Yeah, I’ve just had an interview with ***”. Me – “So what? We’re both playing the same gig!” Rant over. Also, Ke$ha’s autotune effect. Do it T-Pain style or not at all.

...are you listening to now?

Gavin: Ooh, loads of stuff! loving Shackleton and Walls at the moment, but there are always artists we keep coming back to- Trentemoller, Holden, Underworld, Explosions in the Sky, Radiohead, etc. Just got that Caribou album ‘Swim’ as well- lovely record.

How would you describe your work?