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David Bowie, Madame Tussauds
Via Instagram/@madametussauds

See behind-the-scenes photos of David Bowie sitting for his first waxwork

A new Madame Tussauds figure has also been announced to mark what would have been the musician’s 75th birthday

Waxworks have rightly gained a reputation for depicting real-life celebrities in a way that’s slightly… off, whether they stray too close to the uncanny valley, or they’re just plain bizarre (see: the widely-mocked Beyoncé sculpture that Madame Tussauds unveiled back in 2017). David Bowie, however, already looked otherworldly when he sat for his own wax figure in the 80s, and now we have proof. 

To mark what would have been Bowie’s 75th birthday on January 8, Madame Tussauds has uncovered behind-the-scenes images of him sitting down with their artists from back in 1983. 

In the middle of his “Let’s Dance” era, the late musician met Madame Tussauds artists so that they could take precise measurements and colour references for his hair and skin, to produce his first model at the London tourist attraction.

These measurements and photos will also be used to create a newly-announced second waxwork model of Bowie at Madame Tussauds, scheduled to launch later this year. 

“David Bowie is one of music’s greats,” says Madame Tussauds London’s general manager, Tim Waters, in a statement. “On what would have been his 75th birthday the most fitting tribute for Madame Tussauds London to give to our old friend is the creation of a new figure.”

“His music inspired the masses and, for so many, changed the way they viewed themselves, and we hope remembering him here will ensure that it continues to do so for centuries to come,” Waters adds. “We felt privileged to work with him back in the 80s and are just as honoured to work with his estate now to continue the legacy of this truly outstanding music career.”

In the meantime, you can take a look at the never-before-seen photos of Bowie sitting for Madame Tussauds artists below.