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Lil Nas X on The Maury Show
via Twitter @themauryshow

Lil Nas X confronts his ex boyfriend on The Maury Show

Is he the father?

We all know that Lil Nas X loves a parody. Back in March, the rapper recreated an episode of Hannah Montana on TikTok with Miley Cyrus; after his ‘Satan Shoes’ controversy in July, he took himself to court for his “Industry Baby” music video; and prior to Montero’s release date, he ‘faked’ a pregnancy for weeks, documenting a baby shower and hospital visits before ‘giving birth’ to his album.

Now, just weeks after revealing he had dated and broken up with his backup dancer and “That’s What I Want” music video co-star, Yai Ariza, Lil Nas will be making an appearance on The Maury Show – an American talk-show where single mothers, suspected fathers, and lying cheaters hash out their calamitous issues on national television.

In a new trailer posted on the show’s socials, Lil Nas appears on Maury’s studio set with his ex boyfriend Ariza, who seems to be “married” to an unknown woman and co-parenting a child named Noah. After the rapper reveals that Jai and him have been together for over a month, Noah’s paternity is questioned – presumably leading to one of Maury’s famous “You are NOT the father!” moments.

Otherwise, the 30-second clip – which features “That’s What I Want” in the background, of course – seems to include a number of expected meme-able bits: a shocking marriage proposal from Ariza, the mystery woman kicking a bouquet of roses, and Lil Nas running out of the studio. TBH, all pretty standard at this point.

While the Montero singer is yet to comment on the trailer, the full Maury episode will supposedly premiere on November 17 in the United States. 

In the meantime, Lil Nas seems to be keeping busy fronting TikTok’s first NFT collection alongside Grimes and Bella Poarch, receiving his own official day in Atlanta and an award for his support of LGBTQ+ communities, and dressing up as a campy Voldemort for Halloween. 

Watch Lil Nas X’s Maury trailer below.