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Lil Nas X Montero baby shower
Via Instagram/@lilnasx

Lil Nas X unveils parody billboards and more ahead of Montero release

The rapper also held a baby shower ahead of birthing the project, but no one showed up

Lil Nas X’s debut studio album, Montero, is just around the corner, set to release this Friday (September 17). First, though, the rapper has treated us to a final run of comical imagery and pre-album memes.

Continuing the pregnancy theme that has defined the Montero rollout so far — first revealed, appropriately, in an photoshoot for People — he’s posted footage of a glamorous baby shower to Instagram. “Spent hours setting up for my baby shower,” he writes In the caption. “And no one showed up :(”

Since then, the musician has also shared a clip documenting his “contractions” ahead of the record’s release (sorry, birth) and another from his hospital bed, surrounded by disco lights.

Nas has also taken his Montero memes into the real world, though. In Los Angeles, a series of billboards have popped up, directing fans to a dedicated website for the project. Designed in the style of legal ads, the billboards also feature various questions: “Gay? You might be entitled to financial compensation.”

Another of the billboards appears to be designed to trick right-wing conservatives into visiting the site, reading: “Do you miss the real America? Visit to see how we can take our country back!” As we know, Lil Nas X likes to do a little trolling (see also: his parody of Drake’s album artwork by Damien Hirst).

Late last month, the musician unveiled the actual cover art for his debut album, which features him naked and floating against a divine backdrop. The tracklist will feature Miley Cyrus, Megan Thee Stallion, Doja Cat, Elton John, and Jack Harlow, who appears on the previously-released “Industry Baby”.

Take a look at Lil Nas X’s latest snippet from Montero below.