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Lil Nas X ‘Industry Baby’

Lil Nas X takes Lil Nas X to court over Nike ‘Satan Shoes’ controversy

The rapper has teased his forthcoming Kanye West-produced single, ‘Industry Baby’, which sees him mock the brand’s lawsuit against him

In March, Lil Nas X dropped the fantastical music video for his single “Montero (Call Me By Your Name”, featuring the rapper pole dancing into hell to lap dance for the devil. Unsurprisingly, religious folks were annoyed. So, in response, Lil Nas did what anyone facing controversy would do: he released 666 pairs of customised Nike Air Max 97s containing drops of human blood.

Unhappy with the rapper using their shoes for ‘evil’, Nike sued MSCHF – the studio that collaborated with Lil Nas on his ‘Satan Shoes’ – and every pair was recalled. Now, Lil Nas has used the drama as inspiration for his new video, “Industry Baby”, which is set to drop on July 23.

In a teaser for the track, Lil Nas plays the judge, prosecutor, defense lawyer, member of the jury, and the defendant (actually himself) in the fictitious Nike case. But, the court room isn’t interested in the case at hand.

“Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, this is about more than shoes,” the Lil Nas prosecutor says. “Lil Nas, are you gay?” After rephrasing the question – “Do yo momma know you gay?” – defendant Lil Nas replies, “Yes”, and the jury gasps. “Lock him up, throw away the key,” declares member of the jury Lil Nas.

“Industry Baby” is produced by Kanye West and is set to feature US rapper Jack Harlow. Lil Nas has even launched a website,, to coincide with the release. 

Last month, Lil Nas teased his forthcoming debut album, Montero, in a cinema-style trailer on social media. There’s no release date for the album as of yet.

Watch the teaser for “Industry Baby” below.