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Lil Nas X
via Instagram @lilnasx

Lil Nas X’s debut album Montero is coming

The rapper teased the release in a movie-style trailer on Twitter

In March, Lil Nas X released his highly-anticipated single “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)”. The track was accompanied by a music video which sparked backlash from angry parents and right-wing viewers due to the rapper giving the devil a lap dance and pole dancing into hell. Fans, however, celebrated the song’s expression of queer sexuality and creativity. 

Now, the 22-year-old rapper has officially announced his debut album, Montero, in a cinema-style trailer on social media. 

The teaser takes its cues from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and features a comic book-style montage that runs through Lil Nas X’s biggest career moments yet. It starts off with lyrics from his Grammy-winning debut single “Old Town Road”, before moving to his “Holiday” music video costume, and culminating with imagery from “Montero (CMBYN)”. Afterwards, a title screen flashes, stating, “Montero: the album. Coming Soon.”

Avengers found dead,” one fan commented under the post on Instagram. Another stated: “You’re about to make history.” Some fans, however, prophesied a Disney lawsuit in the singer’s future based on the usage of Marvel’s classic imagery. 

Besides the album, Lil Nas X recently caught attention when his leather trousers ripped during a SNL performance of “Montero (CMBYN)”. “I was about to get into my little pole routine for the performance, and I’m like, up, down, then I felt a bunch of air,” the artist stated on Desus and Mero. “I was like, ‘Did they turn the fan on?’ But (then I was) like, ‘OK, I’m sure my entire ass is on television now. There’s nothing I can do about it, so let’s just try and finish this performance up’.”

Otherwise, last Sunday (June 27) at the BET awards, the rapper snogged his dancers on-stage while wearing an Egyptian-style outfit during the latest performance of the single. After some viewers criticised the artist for the outfit’s references to historically Egyptian style, the rapper responded: “Y’all really like to pretend homosexuality didn’t exist in African culture”.

Check out the Montero teaser below.